We are in credential chaos. The word “credential” is frequently confused with “certification” and “certificate,” but it is actually an umbrella term that encompasses both and other types of credentials.

Through Workcred’s newly released video,“Differing Types of Workplace Credentials,” Dr. Roy Swift, Workcred executive director, highlights the differences among credentials and the appropriate uses of each.

Refining credentialing language will help clarify understanding for workers and employers alike. Just like we are precise in defining job roles, we need to be much more precise about what we are saying about what is required in the credentialing world, so that the public understands what that credential is. This is one of Workcred’s goals.

Access the video “Differing Types of Workplace Credentials” through Workcred’s knowledge center.

The video was developed as an educational tool to be used to help organizations better understand and navigate the credentialing system. See how the video is being used here.

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